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Implementing the Real-Time Gaming (RTG) software platform and offering Bitcoin as a banking option for deposits and withdrawals, Bovada proves right from the jump that they’re one of the largest players in the online casino industry today. Those two great features alone are enough to score this casino an A rating, and not to sound like Bovada fanboys, but there’s actually even more about this casino that stands out as superior to some others on the market. It all really starts with what Bovada is.

If you’ve heard of Bodog, one of the industry leaders at gambling sites, then you may know that their network doesn’t play around with games, no pun intended. They are serious competitors in the marketplace, and Bovada is actually Bodog’s offering to American players who aren’t typically allowed on other Bodog sites. This site is fully licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Commission, which has a very close and personal relationship with the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, the big wigs behind the Bodog brand. In short, there’s not a single penny that exchanges hands on this site that isn’t watched like a hawk, and that’s why Bovada is able to offer some of the most secure and fair gaming on the ‘net.

They’re also no slouches when it comes to games offered. In total, you’re looking at over 250 games, and the RTG platform means that these games have great graphics, no lag time, and they can operate well whether you’re using a full-sized PC or a small tablet or cell phone. These are features that, when combined, are second to none in the industry.

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How Does Bovada Stand Apart?

Bovada stands apart from its competition in a few ways, but the most obvious is how they separate themselves from the pack by offering Bitcoin as a banking option. There are more banking options offered up by Bovada, but Bitcoin is undoubtedly the easiest. Not only can you use Bitcoin with this site, but Bovada actually offers its members a walk-through, whereby they can create their wallet, deposit their money into Bitcoin, and then use their address to deposit/withdrawal at Bovada. So, basically, even if you’re never heard of Bitcoin and don’t know how to use it, the site actually makes an effort to simplify this process for you by teaching you the steps and providing an intuitive user interface that allows you to sign up with Bitcoin from the casino site.

Another way by which Bovada stands apart from its competition is in the fact that this is a full-featured site that caters to Americans. Sure, plenty of sites on the Internet cater to Americans and offer their services to Americans. But you would be hard-pressed to find such a feature-rich site that really places its emphasis on getting Americans to sign up. From their banking options and support to their different bonuses and promotions, there are a ton of features at Bovada that you won’t find on too many other casinos, at least casinos that are supporting an American audience.

Bovada Bonuses and Promotions

Speaking of the site’s promotions, Bovada’s bonuses are on the up-side of average. They’re not the most incredibly lucrative bonuses in the industry, but they’re a little above the industry standard. Their welcome bonus for their casino adds up to a total of $4,500 when using BTC!

But their welcome bonuses don’t end there. If you’re ever in the mood for some poker at Bovada, you can sign up with the poker portion of the site and actually earn another 100% deposit match on up to $1,000 dollars. And if you’re in the mood for sports, you can take advantage of yet another bonus offer, via a 50% deposit match of up to $250. All told, you can earn up to $4,500 in just bonus money at Bovada. Most other sites don’t even dream about offering that much money to new players.

You can also find mobile bonuses on the site that allow you to earn more money if you use the mobile version of Bovada. And then there are Blackjack Weekends bonuses, Table Mania Tuesdays, and other promotions you can take advantage of. These promotions are consistently changing, so make sure you check out the actual latest news from Bovada itself to find out about their most current promotions.

Bovada, a Bitcoin Casino with Other Options

As we mentioned above, Bovada is mainly a Bitcoin casino. They’re not only offering the option but are helping people get a full understanding on Bitcoin by offering a full tutorial on how it works, how to get a wallet, how to deposit/withdrawal ect.. They’re putting a lot of effort into getting people more involved with Bitcoin. So, of course, that’s their number-one option and probably the biggest draw in terms of the site’s banking choices.

They also still offer credit cards and money transfer deposits, but it’s pretty clear they are moving towards a strong focus on Bitcoin.

Payouts will be made using Bitcoin, checks or money transfers. Bitcoin is the safest and most expedient method that offers the highest withdrawal limits, and the fastest processing time.

Bovada Game Offerings

This casino review would go on for another few thousand words if we touched on every single game type that Bovada is offering. So here is a general overview of what they’re offering. You have the largest abundance of games with the site’s many slots offerings. 3, 5 and even 7-reel slots, some of which are those cool digital iSlots, and even some progressive jackpots to be found.

When you jump over to the table games, you’re going to find multiple versions of blackjack, roulette, and even games like craps and baccarat. Most impressive, in our opinion, about Bovada’s gaming selection is that you can do much more than just gamble at a casino with the site. You can also jump right over and play all sorts of poker, from large Hold’em tournaments to Omaha ring games and more. And if that’s not enough for you, you can bet on NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and a lot more by checking out the site’s sportsbook. All told, when you combine everything, the site has thousands of games. Though for the casino specifically, you’re looking at around 257 separate games.

Summary of Bovada

Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular in this day and age. As the government tries harder to mess with payment types, and as more casinos try to offer their services to Americans, Bitcoin is the perfect go-between for sites who want to avoid the government, offer their games to Americans, and allow US-based players an easy option to play. Though Bovada brings a lot more to the table. They have one of the best gaming platforms, tons of cool games, very lucrative bonuses, strong support, and much more. And the fact that they are the biggest and most trusted casino for US players scores them an A+ in our book.

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