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What we do is find RTG casinos that have integrated Bitcoins payments into their casino cashier. Nothing fancy; no gimmicks here. Just real, accurate, updated information about the state of affairs in the world of gambling with bitcoins.

Over time, this resource will present to you a range of reviews dealing with casinos offering RTG (RealTime Gaming) software, and also casinos that use Bitcoins as well as accept US players. That’s the trifecta we’re seeking, and there are a few casinos out there offering that proverbial hat trick. At the end of the day, it’s all about using the right information to help you make informed gambling decisions.

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What is Bitcoin?

With so much coverage in the news, which means a ton of misinformation, the average person gets a bit confused as to what Bitcoin actually is, and for good reason. You have so many so-called news-people playing Chicken Little with their “sky is falling” rhetoric. You have the government peeved at the mere notion of a competing currency. And you have Internet-based blowhards who flood the web with shoddy to outright dishonest descriptions about Bitcoin. Here is some accurate information on the term, pulled directly from the Bitcoin main website.

Bitcoin is advertised as an “innovative payment network” and a new kind of currency. Think, for a second, of a bowling lane with 10 pins. Imagine these 10 pins are the only 10 pins in existence. Each pin is worth $10 right now. But what if you needed more currency because the market demanded it? Well, instead of creating new pins, which is how governments like the United States create inflation with printed money, you may simply attach more value to the pins.

Rather than $10, the pins are now worth $20, and $100, and $1,000, and so on. In the world of electronic currency, or e-currency, these fractions can go on literally indefinitely, thus ensuring that people who own a portion of a pin (or a Bitcoin, as it were) always have usable currency that’s not affected in any way by outside sources like governments or stock markets.

There are far more Bitcoins in circulation than our 10 pins example. 10 is simply a nice number that you can visualize and simultaneously understand. You can do the math here and grasp how the value attached to the item, which is in effect permanent, can indefinitely change and become a type of currency that’s not only different than paper money but infinitely more reliable.

Bitcoin itself operates using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology and there’s no central authority or bank there pulling the strings. These transactions are handled via an independent network, and everyone can participate in the Bitcoin revolution. When you own a piece of a Bitcoin, you own currency, and you don’t need a bank or authority to house it for you or tell you what it’s worth. Bitcoin is essentially the purest form of supply and demand, transformed in the digital age into spendable, savable currency.

The Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoins To Play At RTG Casinos

We would love to sit here and tell you that everything about Bitcoins is just wine and roses, sunshine and rainbows. We’d love to say that there are no negative sides. But that would be dishonest. Speaking truthfully here, there are some negative sides to Bitcoin. While this currency is extremely innovative, and while it’s a perfect match for most gamblers, there are still pros and cons with which to contend. Let’s go over a few here so you have an idea of what you’re dealing with.

Bitcoin Pros:

• Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means it uses military-grade cryptography to ensure that your transactions and your coins are always secure. Fort Knox has nothing on these algorithms.
• Bitcoin is completely anonymous. No personal information is shared with anyone.
• An entire network of private computers, using that cryptography, protects and handles all transactions, so you’re not exactly dealing with a PayPal button here.
• Bitcoins are limited, which means that, unlike cash money, the market will never be overwrought with coins, nor will inflation ever affect negatively the Bitcoin market.
• Bitcoins operate on P2P technology – no government, no central authority, only peers.
• Transactions fees are exceedingly low, and often nonexistent, with Bitcoins.
• There is zero chance—at least tangibly speaking—of any fraud taking place with this currency.
• More reputable poker sites are starting to accept these coins as payment.
• It’s very easy to get set up with a Bitcoin processor (BitPay, Blockchain, etc).

Bitcoin Cons:

• The Bitcoin market can be very volatile in exchanging them for actual currency; e.g. exchanging Bitcoins for USD could end up leaving you eating a loss on your exchange, depending on how the Bitcoin market is performing.
• There’s always a risk of Bitcoins being viewed widely as a mere “trend” and thus losing some of their proverbial thunder. Great news for buyers, bad for sellers.
• There always exists a risk that governments will get too angry with Bitcoins and seek to shut them down entirely.
• Bitcoins are not widely accepted although more and more merchants are beginning to offer this payment method. Probably no issue for gamblers who want to use our resource site to find a great gaming home, but maybe a problem for others who want to use Bitcoins as their currency.
• Bitcoin is basically an as-is currency, in that you don’t have any buyer protection.
• While inflation will not happen, deflation may. Capped at 21 million, Bitcoins have to be divied up and assigned value, and that value could start declining.

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to Bitcoins. Make sure you weigh them both equally before deciding if this is a way you want to proceed.

Is RTG (Real Time Gaming) A Reputable Software Brand?

Now that we’ve given a very quick and basic rundown of Bitcoins, let’s get into some RTG casinos. These are the casinos we’re going to focus on here, primarily because (A) RTG is a reputable software provider , and (B) they’re the casinos that accept US players the most.

RealTime Gaming was founded in 1998 and quickly cemented its place with online gambling sites as a top provider of high-quality gaming software. Today, RTG is a world-leading brand, known primarily for being the most US friendly casino software provider.

Also understand that RTG takes very seriously the idea that they’re a top-ranked software platform. Rather than resting on their laurels, they look for ways to be even faster, to operate even more smoothly, and to offer even more unique games to the public at large. Their software is famous for being quick to download while also being light on size and not processor intensive. Security is also a strong point for the platform, and they stand behind a very solid encryption to ensure the safety of customer transactions.

Some of the software platform’s stronger points include:

• Top-rated fast-loading software
• Runs very smoothly and very lightly
• A massive selection of popular video poker games
• Very realistic table games like roulette, craps, blackjack, etc
• Tons of slots, including 3 and 5-reel, multi-line video, and even huge progressives
• Software that’s automatically updated
• Mini games that can be played inside of a game
• Gaming speed controls
• Customized controls for sound, music, etc
• Intensive HD graphics that pop off the screen
• Recently integrated live dealer games into their software platform

At the end of the day, when you find a casino or any other gaming site that’s powered by RTG, you’re one step closer to finding a legitimate site. It’s not the be-all , end-all as there are rogue casinos with all software providers, but it is a fantastic start. RTG is one of the best in the business, hands down.

RTG (Real Time Gaming) And Bitcoin – Gaining Traction

It wasn’t until recently that RTG casinos started offering bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method. We can’t say for sure why this is, but USA players that enjoy playing at Real Time Gaming casinos are extremely excited about this. Bitcoin continues to evolve as one of the leading alternative ways that players can fund their casino accounts. More and more online casinos are integrating the Bitcoin payment platform into their software suites, and RTG is finally coming around and doing the same.

Why Are Casinos Shying Away from US-Based Players?

Let’s give you a relatively quick rundown on the state of American gambling and why so many casinos choose to steer clear of accepting US-based players. The first reason is the most obvious: The UIGEA. Standing for the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, the UIGEA was signed into law by President George W. Bush, and it had an immediate and wide-reaching impact on the whole of the entire gambling industry.

From poker sites to bingo rooms and casinos and sportsbooks, thousands of sites were shut down, billions of dollars were lost, and much of the rest of the world started viewing America as too large a problem to deal with.

And so it remains today. Imagine being a start-up poker site, licensed in Australia. You know that, practically speaking, the United States government cannot do anything to you from across the world. But you also know that they might try. You know that, if you accept US players, the government might try to pressure your licensing council or committee to audit your books unnecessarily or to keep too close of a watchful eye on you.

While America might not be able to shut you down, they could theoretically make your life tougher. So many online gambling site operators choose to avoid any potential hassles here, and so they simply keep US players banned from their games.

Another reason is that the government in the US could decide to pull the rug out. Imagine a scenario where, as a competitive gambling site with an elastic product, you have about 20,000 members from the US, and a total of 40,000 members. Of course, Americans are half of your revenue stream here. Now imagine that the federal government pens a new law that says Americans aren’t allowed to gamble at all, even if they can find a legal site. Now, this isn’t something that’s coming down the pike.

The odds of America passing such a law are slim to none. But it is possible, and so some sites don’t want to invest their time gaining a US-based audience only to risk the possibility that said audience could disappear overnight and effectively cripple their business. They would rather not deal with it.

Thankfully, some casinos out there, many of which employ RTG as their gaming platform, do still allow Americans to play, and they accept them with open arms. As a resource site, we’re going to give you the rundown on these sites and let you know whether or not they’re worth signing up with.

Recommended Bitcoin Resources For USA Players

Coinbase – this is the service I personally use to house my bitcoins. It’s very easy to create new bitcoin wallets, and I am able to easily deposit and withdraw funds to my bank account. – this is the official website of bitcoin. They offer all sorts of information about the currency and also recommend which tools and services are most trusted.

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